We provide one-on-one consultations in a professional setting. At the initial consultation we will conduct a dietary assessment, to assess your current diet as well as other factors that can impact on your food and drink intake. We will ask you what your goals are, and use food to help you to achieve it. We aim to understand you and your situation as much as possible. We will then combine our expertise and your input to come up with some dietary changes and strategies to help you achieve your goal.  We pride ourselves on providing individualised dietary advice – you won’t get any generic, one sized fits all advice from us!

You won’t feel condemned by us for your food and lifestyle choices. We will combine our expertise and your input to come up with a solution to best help your situation. For some that might mean a meal plan. For others it may mean making small changes towards good health.

A review consultation is highly recommended, as lifestyle changes can be challenging to maintain, and research has shown that results are best with ongoing encouragement and support from your dietitian.

The best way to book an appointment is to call the clinic phone numbers listed on the contact us page.


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth consultations are available. You can request a phone or video consult (over Zoom or Skype). Some of our dietitians are available after hours for telehealth consultations. Please email your preferred practitioner to organise this.


We now offer home visits for patients with a home care package or NDIS plan. Visiting you in your home means we can more accurately assess your food intake and any other factors that may influence what you eat. Please email your preferred practitioner to organise this.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries about a consultation, including the fees associated.